Fall Programs

Albuquerque September - December 2012

August 6 – September 24
Cars in the New Mexico Landscape
presented by the National Hispanic Cultural Center
The National Hispanic Cultural Center’s newest partner, Casa Aurora Centro Cultural in Chihuahua, Mexico, brings a photographic essay titled Cars in the New Mexico Landscape by Carlotta Boettcher, a Cuban-born photographer. Boettcher says, “To view these former objects of glamour and desire, at one time treasured and pampered by their owners, and whose curving, strong, smooth sensual bodies I had lovingly restored, sanded, painted, rubbed and polished for hours, days and weeks on end, existing as discarded broken toys trashing the fragile New Mexico desert landscape, foretold the end of my career with cars.”
Location: National Hispanic Cultural Center, Domenici Education Building
1701 4th St. SW, Albuquerque, 505-246-2261
Open Mon – Fri, 9am-5pm & Sat, 9am-1pm

Friday, August 31, 7pm
New Mexico In Focus: ISEA2012 Education Program
presented by KNME-TV
New Mexico in Focus, the state’s premier public and cultural affairs television show, highlights the ISEA2012 Education Program. Taos artist Agnes Chavez and Nicholas Chiarella of Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf collective speak on the confluence of art and technology. The pair also details the effort behind Intel Education Day at ISEA2012. The program airs on New Mexico PBS, digital channel 5.1, and can be seen online at

Opening Reception: Friday, September 7, 5-10pm
Stuff To Look At #19. String Theory
presented by Factory on 5th Art Space & 5G Gallery
This installation by David Cudney visually explores several ISEA2012 sub-themes, using “low-tech” machines to create a frenetic yet meditative environment.
September 7 – 29
Location: 1715 5th St. NW, 505-977-9643
Open 7 days/week, hours vary 10am-late night, call for exact hours

Opening Reception: September 7, 6-8pm
The Cultural Urban Mapping Project
presented by the Harwood Art Center/Escuela del Sol Montessori
Waheguru Khalsa, the Harwood Art Center’s ISEA2012 Artist-in-Residence, works with children and community members to create a multi-media installation titled The Cultural Urban Mapping Project. The piece reflects oral histories collected via a series of workshops. The gallery exhibition includes a collection of stories and objects that create a portrait of the participants’ collective experience and memory of Albuquerque, as well as a cell phone audio tour of the local community.
September 7 – 27
Closing Reception & Music: Friday, September 21, 6-7:30pm
This closing reception features Harwood’s Burque Bop, Albuquerque’s nighttime in the daytime music series, with favorite local bands in a kid-friendly environment. So bring the whole family to enjoy art and live music, and have dinner at a local food truck.
Location: 1114 7th St. NW, Albuquerque, 505-242-6367
Open Mon - Thurs, 9am-5pm; Fri, 9am-4pm; Sat, 10am-4pm

Opening Reception: September 7, 6-8pm
Dan McCulley & Thomas J. Greenbaum: Sphere of Influence
presented by the Harwood Art Center/Escuela del Sol Montessori
Recent technology advancements include virtual globes (such as Google Earth), digital dome projection systems and spatial (projected) augmented reality. There are more than 250 digital dome planetariums in the U.S. alone. In Sphere of Influence, an outside-in projection system interacts with a light-weight, multi-faceted geodesic dome for table-top viewing. A small, powerful projector is suspended above the geodesic spherical polyhedron to enable a gesture interactive, high-resolution, dynamic display of visually rich images.
September 7 – 27
Closing Reception & Music: Friday, September 21, 6-7:30pm
Location: 1114 7th St. NW, Albuquerque, 505-242-6367
Open Mon – Thurs, 9am-5pm, Fri & Sat, 9am-4pm

Saturday, September 8, 10am-4pm
TEDxABQ: Engage Your Passion
TEDxABQ is a licensed community that showcases some of New Mexico’s most innovative people and ideas in technology, entertainment, design, art, culture, education and more. The TEDxABQ conference brings fascinating speakers together with an audience of 700 New Mexicans at the National Hispanic Cultural Center for a day of great conversations and ideas worth spreading. After-party lasts until 8pm.
Location: National Hispanic Cultural Center, 1701 4th St. SW, Albuquerque
Tickets: $60
Info: 505-750-8466,

Reception: Friday, September 14, 5-8pm
Survival Tactics
presented by SCA Contemporary
Survival Tactics is an exhibition that brings together a group of young emerging and established artists who have come out of the University of New Mexico’s MFA graduate program in studio art. Featuring new media projects that explore interactivity, video, sound, processing and light, the works tangentially address ideas of survival through technological mediation of nature and culture. The exhibition is curated by Mary Tsiongas and includes work by Chad Person, Min Kim Park, Mitchell Marti, Schwinn Xuan Chen, Myriam Tapp, Conor Peterson, Sheri Crider, Teresa Buscemi and Molly Bradbury.
September 7 – October 26
Location: 524 Haines NW, Albuquerque , 505-228-3749
Open Thur & Fri, 12-5pm & by appointment

Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 18, 4-6pm
Sharing Our Light
presented by Intel Corporation
Sharing Our Light is a series of photographs and interactive videos documenting local youths' thoughts on life and sustainability as part of a collaboration with Intel resident artists Kura Puke and Blue Wade from New Zealand with Intel Data Center Manager and artist Thomas Greenbaum. While the artists work with youth on a three week long installation titled, My Land My Light, they are recording participants’ perspectives on using art and technology to cultivate sustainability. My Land My Light is a collaborative residency project which investigates how science, technology and indigenous knowledge can be utilized to create meaningful visual culture promoting identity, agency and autonomy.
September 18, 2012 – January 6, 2013
Location: Intel Rio Grande Innovation Center at Intel Corporation
1600 Rio Rancho Blvd. SE, RR5 Office Building, Rio Rancho, 505-893-4444
Open Mon – Fri, 8am-5pm

Tuesday, September 18, 6–9pm
Albuquerque Sprout 3
Albuquerque Sprout is a recurring public dinner that funds micro-grants for local creative projects contributing to the Albuquerque community. For ISEA2012, the call for submissions will focus on science, technology and the arts. The organizers randomly choose 10 grant proposals to be presented in 5-minute “sprouts” at a community dinner emphasizing local organic foods. Everyone receives a ballot and votes on which project they believe best benefits Albuquerque. All of the sliding scale fees collected at the door for the dinner create the micro-grants awarded to the winners at the end of the evening. This project is highlighted for the Creative Economies: Econotopias sub-theme of ISEA2012.
Location: The Kosmos
1715 5th St. NW, Albuquerque
Tickets: sliding scale $15-30 collected at the door

Tuesday, September 18, 7 & 9pm
ISEA2012 Filmmakers Showcase
presented by The Guild Cinema
The ISEA2012 Filmmakers Showcase features a sampling of the selected films from the looped screenings shown during the ISEA2012 conference. Films include animation, documentary and experimental methods of addressing the relationships between nature and technology, as well as human interactions with both. Filmmakers include Trish Adams, Stephen Ausherman, Gregory Bennett, Peter Bill & Ann Kaneko, Cynthia Brinich-Langlois & Joseph Mougel, Angus Carlyle & Rupert Cox, Gair Dunlop, Volker Kuchelmeister, Melissa Ramos and Anne Spalter.
Location: The Guild Cinema, 3405 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque, 505-255-1848
Tickets: all seats $7

Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 18, 5-7pm
void object()
presented by Warehouse 508
This group exhibition by artists from the Art Institute of Chicago asks, “What are the consequences of reducing our experiences to pixels and bytes? Is there a loss that comes with each potential? Must we leave behind that physical world to participate in the virtual?” It features a collection of work concerned with the disembodied nature of data. void object() is an intentional return to physicality and experience. Warehouse 508 is a youth-focused, urban arts and entertainment center in Downtown Albuquerque.
September 18 – October 15
Location: 508 1st St. NW, Albuquerque, 505-296-2738

Wednesday, September 19, 8:30pm
Son Como Son: Salsa Dance Party
presented by Outpost Performance Space
Outpost Performance Space presents a salsa dance party directly following the ISEA-2012 Opening Ceremonies, featuring Albuquerque’s #1 Salsa band, Son Como Son. Led by renowned trombonist, vocalist, composer, arranger and percussionist, Cesar Bauvallet, the 9-piece Son Como Son has been playing original salsa, Cuban style, since 1993. They’ve performed throughout New Mexico as well as at the Telluride Jazz Festival and beyond. It’s a party! Don’t miss it!
Location: The Albuquerque Museum Amphitheater, 2000 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque
Tickets: $10, available at ISEA 2012 registration website or from Outpost
Info: Outpost Performance Space, 505-268-0044

September 19 – November 9
Final 5: Public Art Design Competition Finalists
presented by The City of Albuquerque Arts Board &
the Public Art Urban Enhancement Program
In conjunction with ISEA2012, The City of Albuquerque Arts Board and the Public Art Urban Enhancement Program announce an exhibition featuring five finalists selected to develop site-specific, high-tech artworks for locations in Albuquerque (artists to be announced). One of these five finalists may be awarded a contract to realize the actual sculpture in Albuquerque. The finalists were invited to create formal presentations for their conceptual design, which are on display during the ISEA2012 conference week. This exhibit is coordinated by 516 ARTS.
Location: KiMo Art Gallery
423 Central Ave. NW, Albuquerque , 505-768-3544
Open Wed – Sat, 11am -8pm & Sun, 11am-3pm

Starting September 19
Wells Park Rail Corridor Mural Project
presented by Wells Park Neighborhood Association & partners
This neighborhood initiated mural project highlights the sub-themes of ISEA2012. One of the murals, created through an ISEA2012 educational workshop, features the work of lead artists from AROS, who use Augmented Reality technology that connects the mural to a viewer’s smart device. This project joins the Wells Park Neighborhood Association with a wide range of partners in the community to enhance a neglected area of the urban landscape. The murals are only viewable from the Rail Runner train. They are expected to be completed by September 19, and will be visible from the Rail Runner during the ISEA ride to Santa Fe on September 24.
Location: Rail Runner Corridor, north of Downtown Albuquerque by the Factory on 5th
Info: David Cudney, Project Director

September 19 – 23
Ranjit Bhatnagar: Trumpet Marine 3
presented by the City of Albuquerque Open Space Visitors Center
During his ISEA2012 artist residency at Open Space, sound artist Ranjit Bhatnagar uses found and salvaged materials from the Bosque to create a set of sound sculptures that are activated by the wind. These sculptures, inspired by windmills, turbines, wind chimes and so forth, are placed around the site for visitors to discover and to play by hand if they wish. The Open Space Visitor Center is nestled at the west edge of the Rio Grande bosque, overlooking a wetland and 18 acres of agricultural fields dedicated to wildlife. Open Space is participating in ISEA2012 in support of their belief that technology can benefit from observing nature and adopting its mechanics.
Location: 6500 Coors Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, 505-897-8831
Open Tue – Sun, 9am-5pm

Reception: Thursday, September 20, 5-7pm
DPrime Research, Claudia Cumbie-Jones & Lance Ford Jones, Daniel Richmond & Bruce Shapiro
presented by New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science & 516 ARTS
Claudia Cumbie-Jones & Lance Ford Jones’ Cosmix Dome is a personalized immersive media experience in which a 60-inch dome immerses the viewer in a series of natural environments. DPrime Research’s Biopoiesis installation creates an electrochemical reaction involves the growth of dendritic metallic threads that become a continuously evolving portrait of human and other activity in the space. Daniel Richmond’s Lobo Louie traces the complex history of the endangered Mexican Wolf and its relationship with its local human population as an icon and mascot for the state’s flagship University. Bruce Shapiro’s Sisyphus VI is a kinetic sculpture in which WiFi controls the path of a large ball bearing as it rolls through a field of sand.
September 20, 2012 – January 6, 2013
Location: New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
1801 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque, 505-841-2800
Open daily 9am-5pm

Reception: Thursday, September 20, 6-8pm
Robert Drummond: District
presented by Richard Levy Gallery & 516 ARTS
District, part of the ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness multi-site exhibition, is a gallery touring, interactive video art installation designed to create an amalgam of publicly and personally defined immersive experience within the context of an ever-increasingly solitary, device-focused digital culture. The piece works to build a virtual and visually expansive abstract community within its memory cache. Accumulating the interactions of on-tour participants via 3D imaging systems, District travels, samples and creates avatars, generating virtual communities for auto-interaction while directly incorporating personal gestures created by users in public gallery spaces. Each visitor becomes a part of the virtual community within District.
September 13 – October 12
Location: Richard Levy Gallery
514 Central Ave. SW, Albuquerque, 505-766-9888
Open Tue – Sat, 11am-4pm, extended hours during ISEA2012 conference

Reception: Thursday, September 20, 6-8pm
Artereazione+Consonant: SYN
presented by Richard Levy Gallery & 516 ARTS
Synapses are the junctions or connections within our neural network where nerve impulses are transmitted from one neuron to another. The brain triggers these nerve impulses. SYN is an interactive installation that is activated by Internet data exchange. This acrylic artificial nervous system uses video mapping technology and social networking to function as a postmodern social brain. With a simple tweet, a participant initiates an audiovisual performance by activating the sculpture with a mobile device, and simulating the activity of a central nervous system. SYN is a collaborative project produced by two Italian-based groups, Artereazione and Consonant, both directed by Mariano Leotta.
September 20 – October 12
Location: Richard Levy Gallery Project Room
514 Central Ave. SW, Albuquerque, 505-766-9888
Open Tue – Sat, 11am-4pm, extended hours during ISEA2012 conference

Opening Reception: Friday, September 20, 6-8pm
presented by Alvarado Urban Farm & 516 ARTS
EDEN AGAIN, by Meridel Rubenstein, Catherine Page Harris, Mark Nelson and Stacey Neff, is a wastewater art garden that allows people to experience themselves as “living machines”—inseparable parts of the Machine Wilderness—using the waste from their bodies to create an Edenic, ecologically balanced space. EDEN AGAIN intersects an Iraqi shrine garden and a New Mexico site. SOUND COLONY functions as an acoustic chamber, a human-scaled portal into the communicative modes that connect the world of the hive with the practice of beekeeping. It references the visionary architecture of R. Buckminster Fuller, whose research into energy and material efficiency was inspired by universally occurring patterns in nature.
September 20, 2012 – January 6, 2013
Location: 101 Silver Ave. SW, Downtown Albuquerque

September 20, 22 & 23
ISEA2012 Digital Storytelling Project
presented by 516 ARTS & Clear Channel Outdoor
516 ARTS has teamed up with Clear Channel Outdoor to present a series of one-hour programs on digital billboards throughout Albuquerque. ISEA2012 artists are creating visual narratives through a series of 8-second still images (450 per hour). Through ISEA2012, Clear Channel Outdoor is highlighting its digital billboards as a venue for cutting-edge contemporary art from around the globe.
Thursday, September 20, 9-10pm & Saturday, September 22, 1-2pm
Selected ISEA2012 artists featured on all the digital billboards in Albuquerque
Saturday, September 22, 12-1pm
ISEA2012 Latin American artists featured on the digital billboard at the National Hispanic Cultural Center during the ISEA2012 Latin American Forum,
1701 4th St. SW,  Albuquerque
Sunday, September 23, 2-3pm
ISEA2012 Education Program youth artists featured on the digital billboard at the intersection of Lead & Broadway in Downtown Albuquerque during Intel Education Day. Check out artwork by 6th to 12th grade students from around New Mexico submitted for the ISEA2012 STEMArts Competition “Design Your Future.”

Friday, September 21, 5:30pm
David Moss: Hyperglyphyx
presented by Outpost Performance Space
David Moss is considered one of the most innovative singers and performers in contemporary music. At ISEA2012, he performs Hyperglyphyx, a solo performance on the edges of technology featuring voice, electronics, objects, stories and exploring moments of FTL (faster than logic) communication through warped words, found songs, phased phonemes and scrambled texts from Ludwig Wittgenstein, John Cage and Italo Calvino.
Location: Planetarium at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
Tickets: Included in ISEA2012 registration, $10 tickets available to the general public for the 5:30pm show at

Reception: Friday, September 21, 6-10pm during ISEA2012 Gala
Mexican Space Collective: Ulises I & Antony Nevin: BELUGA
presented by Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum
& 516 ARTS
Juan José Díaz Infante and the Mexican Space Collective are featured with an installation about their project, Ulises I, which involves the artists building a satellite and launching it into space, after which it will play an algorithmic opera, making the satellite a musical instrument. Antony Nevin’s BELUGA is an installation that invites participants to transform their experience of human interaction into visible light and movement. The Belugas are winged blimps floating in a space, which, through the use of embedded sensors, are aware of their surroundings, people and conversations.
Ulises 1: September 20, 2012 – January 6, 2013
BELUGA: September 20 – 24
Location: Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum
9201 Balloon Museum Dr. NE, Albuquerque, 505-768-6020
Open Tue – Sun, 9am-5pm
Tickets: ISEA2012 Gala included in ISEA2012 full registration, $25 for general public
Other time free with museum admission

Through December 31
Albuquerque: A Century of High Flying, Space & Sport
presented by Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum
New Mexicans and the world know our state is a prime contributor to the contemporary sport of hot air ballooning and flight. In this exhibition the Albuquerque Balloon Museum also explores many other roles that lighter-than-air craft have played in the State of New Mexico, in tourism, top secret projects, stratospheric research, aerospace medicine and popular culture. Help the Albuquerque Balloon Museum celebrate the New Mexico Centennial throughout the year with this exhibit. For more information on other New Mexico Centennial celebration events, please visit
Location: Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum
9201 Balloon Museum Dr. NE, Albuquerque, 505-768-6020
Open Tue – Sun, 9am-5pm
Tickets: Free with museum admission

Friday & Saturday, September 21 & 22, 6pm-midnight
Scheduled in conjunction with the ISEA2012 Latin American Forum at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, ¡Globalquerque!, New Mexico’s 8th Annual Celebration of World Music and Culture, features three stages of entertainment with 17 performers from around the world over two nights. Artists include Ali Akbar Moradi (Iran), Plena Libre (Puerto Rico), Zeb and Haniyah (Pakistan) and many more. Bring the family for a free Global Fiesta full of hands-on crafts, dance lessons and workshops (all day Saturday) and visit the Global Village of Craft, Culture & Cuisine open throughout the festival. Don’t miss the debut of the Thursday night kick-off dance party. Take a journey around the world without having to leave Albuquerque!
Location: National Hispanic Cultural Center, 1701 4th St. SW, Albuquerque
Tickets: $30-$60, w/2-day passes & kids discounts, available from NHCC Box Office
505-724-4771. Discount tickets for Saturday available for ISEA2012 registrants
at ISEA 2012 registration website.
Info: ¡Globalquerque!, 505-232-9868

Saturday, September 22 & 29, 10am-4pm
Integrated Architecture & Design Education for Teachers
presented by School Zone Institute
School Zone Institute, in conjunction with the University of New Mexico Art Museum, is offering a teacher workshop and introductory lecture on interdisciplinary Architecture and Design education for teachers P-K-12. The program covers: design related to the National and State Common Core curriculum in math, science, history, art and ecology; studio design setup for learning; the visual language of design and organizing principles of design; hands-on sustainable design relating to curricula. It also includes a sketch/photography architectural walking tour of the UNM campus.
Location: University of New Mexico Art Museum, Cornell & Redondo Dr. NE
Center for the Arts (near Popejoy Hall), UNM Campus, Albuquerque
Info: 505-899-1731
Fee: $50, limited to 15 participants, mail check to: Anne Taylor, President School Zone
Institute, 9 Tumbleweed NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

Reception: Saturday, September 22, 4:30-7:30pm
The Transformative Surface
presented by University of New Mexico Art Museum
The Transformative Surface is an innovative exhibition which presents historic videos, new media installations, and digital sculpture by UNM faculty members and six guest artists including Jim Campbell, Bruce Nauman, Daniel Reeves, Peter Sarkisian, Woody Vasulka and Gail Wight. Foregrounding the transformative characteristics of the electronic surface, a broad range of art that is wholly optical and abstract, interactive and malleable, constructed from urban and ancient sites and in some cases, naturalistic in its focus upon the land, body and city, is on view in the museum’s Main, Van Deren Coke and Raymond Jonson galleries.
September 14 – December 16
Location: University of New Mexico Art Museum
Cornell & Redondo Dr. NE, Center for the Arts (near Popejoy Hall), UNM Campus, Albuquerque, 505-277-4001
Open Tue – Sat, 10am-4pm, closed Sun & Mon

September 22 & 23
The Chuppers Electric Ensemble: Circus Electrique
The Chuppers, facilitated by Manny Rettinger, create musical instruments which combine old and new technology, including audio processors, speakers, computers, microphones, cameras, phonograph horns, traditional and non-traditional instruments, projectors and more. Rettinger says, “Standing on the shoulders of giants, we boldly go where others have gone before.” The Chuppers/Electric Ensemble is a collaboration between the UNM Music Dept., UBIK Sound and UNM Mesa del Sol and ARTS Lab.
Saturday, September 22, 4:30-7:30pm
Location: Foyer of UNM Art Museum, Popejoy Hall, UNM Campus, Albuquerque
during reception at UNM Art Museum
Sunday, September 23 during the Downtown Block Party (4-9pm)
Location: Central Avenue Downtown between 4th & 6th Streets
The Block Party event will include the Chuppers, and special guests: Milche de la Maquina, Albuquerque Boys Choir on stilts and members of Blackout Theatre.

Reception: Saturday, September 22, 4:30-7:30pm
ISEA2012 Residency Artists
presented by UNM School of Architecture & Planning & 516 ARTS
This portion of the main ISEA2012 exhibition features artwork, plans and documentation by ISEA2012 residency artists from around the country and the world who are hosted by partner organizations in the region. Artists talks are open to the public on Sunday and Monday, September 23 & 24 during the ISEA2012 conference days in Downtown Albuquerque. Click here for more information on ISEA2012 residency artists and their projects.
September 10 – October 26
Location: Rain­osek Gallery, UNM School of Architecture & Planning
The University of New Mexico Main Campus, Albuquerque, 505-277-0111
Open Mon – Fri, 9am-5:30pm

Reception: Saturday, September 22, 4:30-7:30pm
Power Tower
presented by Tamarind Institute
Nicola López returns to New Mexico to produce a new installation that includes a series of lithographs which serve as blueprints for power towers. These “blueprints” are then assembled to create an immersive environment that brings a contemporary light to the story of Babel. In her recent work, López, a native of Santa Fe who now lives in Brooklyn, New York, portrays urban landscapes that “struggle against themselves, that strive towards order and beauty as they verge on the edge of spinning beyond control or comprehension.”
September 7 – December 21
Location: Tamarind Institute
2500 Central Ave. SE. Albuquerque, 505-277-3901
Open Mon – Fri, 9am-5pm

Saturday, September 22, 2012, 4:30-7:30pm
Myriam Tapp: Mémoire d’une ville - memory of a city
presented by UNM John Sommers Gallery
This exhibition is about the transformation of territory and its environment. It looks into impermanence and the changes that occur through time. Sculptures are transformed through projected moving images, evoking memories of our past, flashes of our present, and visions of our possible future. The delicate constructions make us aware of our fragile world and our impact on it.
September 19 – 29
Location: John Sommers Gallery, 2nd Floor, Art Building, Room 202, UNM, Albuquerque
Open Mon – Fri, 9am-5pm, Sat & Sun, 12-4pm

Saturday, September 22, 2012, 4:30-7:30pm
Hue Walker: FullDome Projects

presented by UNM ARTSLab
Hue Walker’s FullDome Immersive Video and patchwork, networked photos are on view during a reception at UNM ARTSLab. The video work is projected onto an immersive hemispheric overhead dome to create a full surround experience. The lo-tech-pano photos are networked through handmade artifacts incorporating QR tags leading into Internet portals through the surface of the images, into layers of time, place and use. The photos are also featured at the ¡Globalquerque! World Music Festival at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (September 21 & 22), and at other informal venues around the city.
Location: ARTSLab, The University of New Mexico
Center for Advanced Research & Computing, 1601 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque

Sunday, September 23, 10am-8pm
Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire
in conjunction with ISEA2012 Downtown Block Party
The Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning. Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, artists, science clubs, students, authors and commercial exhibitors, and they are of all ages and backgrounds. Maker Faire’s mission is to entertain, inform, connect and inspire these thousands of Makers and aspiring Makers. The Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire is independently organized and operated under license from O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Location: Albuquerque Civic Plaza, 3rd St. NW between Tijeras & Marquette
Tickets: Early bird for adults: $10, $5 for children plus fees, register online:
Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire

Sunday, September 23, 1:15pm
Mark Anderson: Hear By the River
presented by Working Classroom
During Intel Education Day of ISEA2012, artist Mark Anderson discusses Hear By the River, a digital mural that depicts the many characters and communities that give Albuquerque its unique flavor. The mural was commissioned as part of the 2012 New Mexico Centennial Celebration. Created in collaboration with Working Classroom, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the National Museum of Mexican Art, this matrix video wall is a joining of a strong mural tradition in Albuquerque and new digital storytelling techniques.
Location: Albuquerque Convention Center (by east entrance to Kiva Auditorium)
401 2nd St. NW, Albuquerque
Info: Working Classroom, 505-242-9267

Friday, September 28, 10:30am-12pm
Mary Tsiongas: Dendrochronologist’s Dilemma
presented by OASIS
Multi-disciplinary, new media artist Mary Tsiongas presents a talk on her latest work. Dendrochronologist’s Dilemma integrates the field of Dendrochronology in a poetic and metaphoric way with human experience of time. The science of tree-ring dating is broad and profound in the sense that through the study of chemical and physical traces left embedded in the once-living wood, humans can “see” and sense aspects of life as it was lived by the tree and its living contemporaries. Tsiongas is a professor at UNM and formerly taught at the San Francisco Art Institute.
Location: OASIS, 6600 Menaul NE (in Macy’s at Coronado Center), Albuquerque, 505-889-0927
Tickets: $7

September 28-30 & October 5-7
Idris Goodwin: Instant Messages
presented by Tricklock Company
Hip Hop playwright, poet, essayist and performer Idris Goodwin is engaging Albuquerque teens in National Hispanic Cultural Center’s Voces program and Tricklock Company’s Manoa Project to create Instant Messages, a performance piece developed from evocative, inspiring and humorous conversations found on Twitter and social networking sites. He theatrically transforms and performs some of these “digital dialogues” together with student participants and members of Tricklock Company.
September 28-30 & October 5-7, Fri & Sat, 8:30pm & Sun, 2pm
Location: Tricklock Performance Loboratory
110 Gold Ave. SW, 505-254-8393
Tickets: $12 general, $10 student/senior

October – December
Art & Technology Series
presented by The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History
During the ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness exhibition, The Albuquerque Museum is offering a series of public programs exploring the intersection between art, technology and nature. Participatory performances, artist and curator talks and family programs encourage participants to reconsider the role of art, science and technology in their own lives. Discover creative installations throughout the museum spaces and grounds. Programs include: Curator Talk with Andrew Connors on Wednesday, October 3, 11am (Free Wednesday). Visit the Museum’s website for the full schedule.
Location: The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History
2000 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, 505-243-7255
Open Tue – Sun, 9am-5pm

October 1 – November 4
Via Crucis of the Camino Real
presented by The National Hispanic Cultural Center
The National Hispanic Cultural Center’s newest partner, Casa Aurora Centro Cultural in Chihuahua, Mexico, brings a photographic essay by Ana Livingston Paddock titled Via Crucis of the Camino Real, depicting roadside memorials or descansos along the Camino Real between Abiquiu, New Mexico, to Juan Mata Ortiz in Chihuahua as a modern-day Way of the Cross or Via Crucis. In conjunction with ISEA2012 sub-theme of Transportation: Dynamobilitties, this exhibit honors the loss of life at particular locations along the road with images of shrines, devotional signposts and prayers to the dead as a form of sacred, site-specific contemporary folk art. Their makers and custodians are not artists, but their public expression of grief reaches beyond the personal to every traveler and passerby.
Location: National Hispanic Cultural Center, Domenici Education Building
1701 4th St. SW, Albuquerque, 505-246-2261
Open Mon – Fri, 9am-5pm & Sat, 9am-1pm

Opening Reception, October 5, 5-11pm
Drake Hardin: English
presented by Small Engine Gallery
Drake Hardin is a local composer and musician. A large number of headphones sets are draped along the wall and hung from the ceiling. Emitting sounds of American English are fragmented into phonetic units, scrambled and played in several independent sequences through the headsets at a high volume. The sound in the room is like a new alien language, whispering about the wall and ceiling.
October 1- 31
Location: Small Engine Gallery, 1413 4th St. SW, Barelas, Albuquerque
Open by appointment,

Reception: Saturday, October 20, 1-3pm
A:shiwi A:wan Ulohnanne, The Zuni World 
presented by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
The A:shiwi Map Art Project is an art, language and place name project all in one. The project is intended to be a tool to help Zunis connect to places through artistic renderings of the Zuni cultural landscape. A group of Zuni advisors worked to first decide what not to map, then what would be culturally appropriate to include on the maps.Three Zuni artists were commissioned to each create paintings of the Zuni region, reservation and village respectively. The advisors worked through lists of potential place names, finally settling on those with which they wanted Zunis to be familiar. The paintings have been printed as full color posters with place names added.
October 1, 2012 – May 30, 2013
Location: 2401 12th S. NW, Albuquerque, 505-843-7270
Reception in Chaco I & II
Tickets: $6 adults, $5.50 seniors, $4 NM residents, $3 students, 5 yrs & under free
Open 9am-5pm daily

Thursday, October 25, 12pm
Water for the Cities: Answers to Urban Challenges
presented by Instituto Cervantes Albuquerque
This talk with Diego J. Rodriguez focuses on the Urban and Local Government Program that provides city officials a platform with which to explore key aspects of urban management. The program consists of core courses targeting city managers, local level policymakers, urban planners and directors of training institutes. The objectives of the program are to advance their knowledge and understanding of a broad range of urban issues and to present the tools they need to plan, manage and govern their cities. The learning programs are demand-driven and aligned with the priorities established by the World Bank Group’s Urban Sector Board.
Location: 1701 4th St. SW, Albuquerque, 505-724-4777

October 26 – November 30
Weird Science
presented by Richard Levy Gallery
Spanning the globe, Weird Science brings together nine artists: Anne Ferrell, Philip Gallanter, Haein Kang, Hugh Livingston, Josh Lopez Binder, Aaron Rothman, Kamila Wozniskowska, Pinar Yoldas and Marina Zurkow. Their projects were selected from over 100 proposals responding to the ISEA2012 call for entries, and sample some of the exciting ideas emerging from the exploration of international electronic arts.
Location: 514 Central Ave. SW, Albuquerque, 505-766-9888

Saturday, October 27, 2pm
Machine Wilderness & Weird Science
presented by 516 ARTS & Richard Levy Gallery
Join 516 ARTS and Richard Levy Gallery for a panel discussion featuring guest artists from the portion of the Machine Wilderness exhibition at 516 ARTS and the Weird Science exhibition at Levy Gallery. Artists include Pinar Yoldas (North Carolina), Philip Galanter (Texas), William Wilson and Claire Coté (New Mexico). Moderated by artist and professor Mary Tsiongas.
Location: 516 Central Ave. SW, Albuquerque, 505-242-1445

Saturday, October 27, 1-4pm
Portal to the Public (PoP)
presented by ¡Explora!
Explora visitors and Albuquerque scientists engage in experiential activities related to the scientists’ current work. Meet the scientists who are your neighbors in the community through the Portal to the Public (PoP) Project. All ages welcome.
Location: 1701 Mountain Road NW, Albuquerque, 505-224-8341
Tickets: Free with museum admission
Open Mon – Sat, 10am-6pm & Sun 12pm-6pm

Saturdays, November 17 & 24, 1pm & 3pm
Marie Sklodowska-Curie – In a Different Light
presented by ¡Explora!
Marie Curie discovered radioactivity, won two Nobel Prizes and was the first female professor at the Sorbonne in Paris. Learn more about the life of this working mother, in her own words. Enjoy this 30-minute, one-act play in the Explora Theater. Following the performance, questions and discussion with the actor are welcome. Recommended for ages 5 and up.
Location: 1701 Mountain Road NW, Albuquerque, 505-224-8341
Tickets: Free with museum admission
Open Mon – Sat, 10am-6pm & Sun 12pm-6pm

Saturday, November 10, 3pm
516 WORDS: Quiet Machine/Wild Mouth
presented by 516 ARTS & the Local Poets Guild
What truths can be found at the threshold where nature is becoming technology and technology is reshaping nature? Writers are invited to submit one page poems on this theme by October 1 to, Attn: Machine Wilderness. International submissions are welcome with English translations. This event is a silent open mic with spoken interludes, which means that elected poems are projected in silence to allow for audience reading and contemplation. A few poets from the region are being invited to perform their works during spoken interludes, and some have the opportunity to be published online at Fickle Muses: An Online Journal of Myth and Legend and other blogs. Sari Krosinsky, author of god-chaser, reads from her new collection, and work by Andreas Maria Jacobs of the Netherlands, who received the ISEA2012 E-Poetry Award from Local Poets Guild, is featured. Organized by Lisa Gill, 516 ARTS Literary Arts Coordinator. Submissions curated by Sari Krosinsky.
Location: 516 Central Ave. SW, Albuquerque, 505-242-1445
Open Tue – Sat, 9am-5pm

Sunday, November 11, 1pm
ISEA2012 Artists’ Collectives
presented by 516 ARTS & The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History
Join artists from collectives featured in ISEA2012 including CorpusElectric, a tech-fashion project with youth apprentices led by artists from New Mexico Highlands University and Taos Runway Vigilantes including Megan Jacobs, Miriam Langer, Stacy Romero, Nina Silfverberg and Tatyana de Pavloff; Meow Wolf, a group of 25+ emerging, contemporary artists from Santa Fe including Nicholas Chiarella and Akira Watts; and the EDEN PROJECT, is a wastewater art garden featured at the Alvarado Urban Farm, created by Meridel Rubenstein, Catherine Page Harris, Mark Nelson and Stacey Neff.
Location: The Albuquerque Museum Special Events Room
2000 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque, 505-243-7255
Tickets: Free with museum admission (free on Sundays before 1pm)

Friday, November 30, 7pm
The A/V Show #8.2
presented by Basement Films
Remember those ol’ Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercials? “Hey man, you got music on my cinema… No man, you got cinema on my music.” This once-a-year Basement Films production couples live performance and all things cinematic in the most unexpected (and sometimes a bit messy) ways.
Location: Southwest Film Center on the campus of UNM
Info: Basement Films, 505-916-1635
Tickets: $5

Above Images: Robert Drummond, District • Daniel Reeves Avatamsaka • Mexican Space Collective, Ulises I