Education Program

516 ARTS presents the ISEA2012 Education Program, which aims to expose youth and teachers in New Mexico to electronic arts through a progressive series of workshops, lectures and events aimed at grades 6-12th students and teachers. The program includes:

Intel Education Day of the conference on Sunday, September 23, 2012, will offer a day of education presentations, teacher training and youth activities focused on STEM Education.

Celebrations and demonstrations at the Downtown Block Party focused on the theme of Transportation (“Dynambolities”) with kinetic sculptures and vehicles, art cars and interactive exhibits

The ISEA2012 Education Program will extend beyond the dates of the conference to include visiting artists in the schools, curriculum development and outreach activities with many ISEA2012 partners during the fall of 2012.

Participating venues include 516 ARTS, The Albuquerque Museum, Explora, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, The Harwood Art Center, and many area schools and youth organizations.

ISEA2012 Education Program is generously sponsored by Intel.