Cyborg being - a sense of incorporating tools, and becoming interwoven with machines within us, about us, and within the meshes of how we organize the world, has always existed - it is just becoming more literal and extravagant.

-Glen Mazis in Humans, Animals, Machines: Blurring Boundaries

What is ISEA?

ISEA is the International Symposium on Electronic Art. For ISEA2012, it consists of both the conference based in Albuquerque (September 19-24) and the season-long collaboration around New Mexico (September – December, 2012).

What is ISEA's definition of "electronic art"?

ISEA International defines "electronic art" as art that cannot be created without electronic means. This includes both visual and performing arts. It means, for example, that computer software, the Internet, databases, wireless devices, electronic components or physical computing has played a role in the creation of the work. This does NOT mean that the work itself must include a screen, projector, embedded computer or electronic components.

What other media qualify or not for the ISEA2012 exhibition, conference and collaboration?

As long as computer software, the Internet, databases, wireless devices, electronic components and/or physical computing has played an important role in the creation of the work, the resulting work can be in any media.

What does the title "Machine Wilderness" mean?

The term “Machine Wilderness” was coined by cultural geographer Ronald Horvath in the 1960s to describe the transformation of the landscape of the American Southwest caused by the automobile. He also used the term “Machine Space” to describe land that is designed for cars rather than humans. For ISEA2012, we are reclaiming the term “Machine Wilderness” to represent the potential for humans, animals and machines to coexist in a positive, sustainable future. We encourage proposals from artists, presenters and organizations that attempt to define wilderness and our place in it in the 21st century. The subject matter of Machine Wilderness is focused specifically on the role of art, science and technology in re-envisioning our relationship to nature.

How does land-based art fit into the Machine Wilderness project?

Clearly issues of land and environment are central to our future and to any discussion of the idea of a humane “Machine Wilderness.” Through the ISEA2012 conference, exhibition and collaboration, we believe that it is essential that projects based in the landscape be represented, especially those that examine the ways in which computation--including networking, GPS and environmental monitoring--transforms our understanding of land and environment.

How can artists, performers and conference presenters participate?

Artists, performers and conference presenters can apply to the call for proposals through the website for ISEA2012, which launches May 2011 and the deadline for proposals is November 15, 2011. Applicants will be notified in January, 2012. The jury will consist of members of the ISEA International Board and local representatives of participating venues.