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ISEA2012 Latin American Forum

Saturday, September 22, 2012

National Hispanic Cultural Center

The Latin American Forum in ISEA2012 Albuquerque will provide an opportunity to showcase some of the recent and historical production of Latin American Digital Culture, Critical Theory and Media Arts. The fresh contributions coming from the south will insure that contemporary discourse from and about the Americas is an integral part of ISEA2012. Some of the conceptual nodes of the Latin American Forum are, but not limited to: the history of cybernetics in Latin America, balloons and collaborative mapping, open labs in post digital times and the history of Native American Code Talkers. The Latin American Forum will offer a concentrated series of programs during the day in partnership with the National Hispanic Cultural Center and the Instituto Cervantes. Conference activities will spill out into evening concerts for the ¡Globalquerque! Festival of World Music.

Highlighted Speakers

Public Dialogue: Conversation with Brazilian Artists & Curators
This talk features women artists and curators from Brazil. Giselle Beiguelman (PhD in History from the University of São Paulo) and curator Priscila Arantes (Adjunct Director of the Museum of Image and Sound in São Paulo), mediated by Simone Osthoff (Associate Professor of Critical Studies in the School of Visual Arts at the Pennsylvania State University) speak on the international art scene, offering the public a chance to see dynamic dialogues about contemporary media art from first-hand experiences.

Panel: Technotopia: The Colonization of the Body as the Ultimate Frontier
Under the sign of “The Body as a Colonized Space,” Coco Fusco (Performance Artist and Professor, Parsons New School of Design), Miguel Gandert (Professor, Director of the UNM Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media Program), Vicki Gaubeca (Director, ACLU Regional Center for Border Rights), Manuel Montoya (Professor, Global Structures, UNM Anderson School of Management) and Adriana Ramírez de Arellano (Professor, UNM Anthropology Department, Women Studies and IFDM Programs) join minds, lenses and methodologies to de-construct, denounce and reclaim the use of technologies to problematize the Southwestern border of the United States, not merely as an epistemic or aesthetic site, but in its incarnation as a no-man’s land where late capitalism and empire merge, unleashing a techno-liberal assault upon the surplus of discardable bodies. Sponsored in part by the UNM Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media Program.

Artist Talk: Mexican Space Collective
Juan José Díaz Infante and the Mexican Space Collective are building a satellite called Ulises I. Inspired by and in response to Mexico’s drug war, Infante wanted to illustrate the idea that the future varies for different generations. The project involves launching the satellite into space, after which it will play an algorithmic opera, making the satellite a musical instrument. The talk is introduced by Nahum Mantra (Arts Catalyst). An art installation about this project is displayed in the ISEA2012 exhibition at The Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum. Sponsored in part by the Mexican Consulate, Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico, Laboratorio de Arte Alameda and Arts Catalyst.

Panel: Latin America and Cybernetics
In different countries in Latin America there can be identified important contributions to the history of cybernetics, but there are no clear intellectual efforts to explore if those contributions have been interconnected. Speakers include Eden Medina (Indiana University Bloomington) on applied cybernetics in Chile in the 1970s, Susana Quintanilla (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City) on her research on the Mexican scientist Arturo Rosenblueth, Eduardo Bayro Corochano (CINVESTAV Guadalajara) on his current advanced research on cybernetics androbotics, and Pablo Colapinto (UC Santa Barbara) on his research about the first Art and Cybernetics exhibition in Argentina in the 1970s. Sponsored in part by Doctorado en Diseño y Creación and Universidad de Caldas.

Panel & Workshop: Mapping with Balloons & Kites
In his research on the history of technology in Latin America, Latin American Forum leader Andres Burbano found that three of the very first pioneers of balloons and lighter-than-air devices were from Brazil. The coordinator of this panel and workshop on balloon mapping is Lucas Bambozzi, head of Arte.Mov Festival in Brazil. Panelists include Lucas Bambozzi, Danny Bazo, Andrés Burbano, Felipe Fonseca, Rodrigo Minelli and Bruno Vianna. Sponsored in part by Arte.Mov.

Panel & Workshops: Open Laboratories, Laboratorios Abiertos
Representatives from open labs in Latin American countries share their experiences and teach workshops, including: “Solar Energy and Sound Machines” taught by Leslie Garcia from Tijuana, Mexico, and “TAG” taught by Camilo Martinez from Bogotá, Colombia, a workshop about tagging objects in public spaces. Panelists include Leslie Garcia, Felipe Cesar Londoño, Gabriel Zea and Ricardo Dal Farra. Sponsored in part by Instituto Cervantes and Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero.

Artist Talk: Ivan Puig & Andrés Padilla Domené: SEFT-1
SEFT-1 is one of the most important projects in the art, technology and society field in Mexico. This “Manned Railway Exploration Probe” is a vehicle equipped with a Hi-Rail system, a metal wheel mechanism that enables it to move on rails. Mexico’s trains once formed a network of connections between big cities and tiny pueblos throughout the country. This exploratory probe travels abandoned railways using photography, video, audio and text to record contemporary people, landscape and infrastructure in largely remote areas of the country, creating a futuristic exploration of Mexico’s past. For ISEA2012, the SEFT-1 makes a historic journey from the U.S./Mexico border to Albuquerque. The journey of the SEFT-1 to pre-conference activities in El Paso is sponsored by Stanlee & Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts at University of Texas at El Paso.

Artist Talk: Agnes Chavez & Alessandro Saccoia - (x)trees
(x)trees is a socially interactive virtual forest generated from search words found in tweets and text messages. It is collaborative experiment in data visualization, video mapping and participatory art. Artist Agnes Chavez collaborates with programmers to create algorithmic drawings generated from data and projected in real time onto buildings or walls, exploring our connections to technology and nature. For ISEA2012, Chavez has collaborated with creative coder Alessandro Saccoia to create an immersive environment with multi-layered elements such as interactive branches, leaves, flowers and sounds collected from nature.

Radio Chigüiro: Community Radio
Radio Chigüiro was a social platform for the distribution of Lafayette, Indiana’s “glocal” culture. It operated as a community radio, exploring youth practices associated with parties, live music shows and free radio workshops by using a website as a medium for contact, production and participation. Radio Chigüiro used a pirate radio transmitter in conjunction to a web stream to broadcast its content. The radio station operated from 2006 to 2009 and currently the site archives the content produced by its community. In addition to Lafayette, there were also Radio Chigüiro events in Bloomington, Chicago, Bogota and Cali. The purpose of this presentation is to document the experience and inspire new community radio stations.

ISEA2012 Latin American Forum Focus Day Leader: Andrés Burbano
Media Arts & Technology Scholar, The University of California Santa Barbara

Latin American Forum Advisory Board

Juan Abeyta - New Mexico, U.S.A.
Sandia National Laboratories
516 ARTS Board of Directors

Lucas Bambozzi - Brazil
Artistic Director, Arte Mov Festival

Ricardo Dal Farra - Canada / Argentina
Professor, Concordia University
Universidad de Tres de Febrero

Juan Jose Diaz Infante - Mexico
Artistic Director, Play! Festival

Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo - U.S.A. / Colombia
Professor, Parsons School of Design

Felipe Cesar Londoño - Colombia
Chair Universidad de Caldas
Artistic Director, Festival Internacional de la Imagen

Arturo Sandoval - New Mexico, U.S.A.
President, VOCES, Inc & Center of Southwest Culture
516 Arts Board Chair

Above Images: Coco Fusco • Andrés Padilla Domené & Ivan Puig • Radio Chiguiro